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21 Places Offering Business Freebies for Your Startup

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Do you want to start your own business or already run your own? If so, then you’re probably aware of the steep startup costs. From hiring the right talent to finding the perfect location (did we mention Incudesk for your co-working space needs in The Bahamas?), there are plenty of ways to spend your hard-earned cash. 

Although these expenses are normal, there are ways to cut costs initially so you have time to make your business profitable first. For example, rather than hiring a PR agency or an in-house team to handle your editorial needs, you can instead use free writing and editing software to check over your shoulder for you. While this doesn’t offer the same expertise as an experienced professional, it will certainly save you a lot of money in the early stages of launching your business. Once you’ve begun to generate consistent revenue, then you can think about outsourcing tasks to agencies or hiring your own in-house team. 

The same process goes for the other aspects of running your business. From site analysis tools to SEO software and legal doc generators, there are tons of websites out there offering freemium services. The best part about it is that you can upgrade to a premium account if you want to support your team’s needs. Of course, you don’t have to, meaning you can use these services for free as long as you want.  

To show you all the ways you can save, Wikibuy has compiled a list of 21 business freebies for you in the infographic below!


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